Makeup & Photography Duo

Our Approach
If you're about to venture into hiring a makeup artist and photographer for your upcoming event or photoshoot, you will immediately start to develop thoughts on what the the outcome will look like- quality of services and cohesive body of work. 
Just think about it: If you're booking beauty & photography separate for one day, and those individuals have never met a day in their lives, how do you think the images will come out? Will their styles clash? Will your overall feel and vibe be presented the way you expected?
-"Certainty over Questionable Services"
Our Devoted truly believes that the chemistry between beauty & photography should coexist. Trene'e and Doug understands each others strong points. You're guaranteed to get the best quality results because we've taken time to consider how stories are meant to be told. We also give you a total experience including creative direction, styling, and coaching, if that's your desire.
Wouldn't it just be better to ease that stress and guess work.....just get to know us.
We were honored to be apart of Jerry & Paula's wedding day! 
Branded Content
Kendra of "Cosmos with Kendra" joined us for some marketing material for her upcoming hair business.
 Lauren, signed model to Glacier Model Management got in front of the lens for some styled beauty headshots to add to her portfolio.
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